157: Are You Up for the Challenge?

The Sharpening Character Podcast
157: Are You Up for the Challenge?

Have you ever thought about Jesus as He was growing up? Often it seems we forget about the years between His birth and the start of His ministry… and we’d like to take a moment to look at that!

This week on the podcast, we’re bridging the gap between 2018 and 2019… and announcing some exciting new plans for the podcast in the new year in the process! Here’s a big hint: it involves some ways to apply the topics from God’s Word in some really exciting ways! And, if that’s not enough, we’ll talk about making goals for the new year, looking at the example of Jesus as a young man. This is an episode you certainly won’t want to miss as we “ring in the new year” and look forward to what the Lord has in store for us in 2019!

Announcing Sharpening Character Challenges!

This year on the podcast, we’re partnering with Courageous Men of the Word to bring you a new way to apply God’s Word to your life!

Each month we’ll put forth a challenge that goes along with a theme for that month–a practical task or goal to help you grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord. Each week in our ScriptureFocus segments on the podcast, we’ll share verses to help and encourage you in the challenge along the way. Then, at the end of the month, we’ll share what we’ve been learning through the challenge in our CMOW episode!

For more information, including the challenge for January, check out our new challenges page!

Don’t forget our VersePic of the Month!

Luke 14:28 Phone
Luke 14:28 Phone

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