153: The Book of Job

The Sharpening Character Podcast
The Sharpening Character Podcast
153: The Book of Job

When it seems like everything in our lives is crashing down, where do we turn? What is the handle we can grab onto when nothing else is stable?

This week on an extended edition of the podcast, we’re taking a deep dive into the book of Job… and we have a guest along for the ride! Join Andrew and Darien as they examine some of the amazing truths in the book of Job, from scientific facts to descriptions of the power of God, to even how incredibly powerful the word of God really is! We’ll also share some personal testimonies and more. Plus, we’ve got the kickoff of the Advent season, and a special announcement as we begin preparing for 2019—a special project you can get involved in! All that and more, on this episode of the Sharpening Character Podcast!

References in this Episode

  • Job 1:20-22
  • SC: Episode 143 (The Book of Jeremiah)
  • Job 12:7-9
  • Job 40:15-18
  • Job 6:15-16
  • Job 37:5-6
  • Job 38:22-23
  • Job 37:9-10
  • Job 19:25

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    • Thanks for coming “along for the ride!” It’s always fun to chat through God’s Word with like-minded brothers! 🙂


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