109: January CMOW — Genesis

The Sharpening Character Podcast
109: January CMOW — Genesis

This week on the podcast, we’ll be featuring our first CMOW episode of 2018! Join us (Andrew and Ben) as we discuss the book of Genesis, covering everything from Creation to the Fall to the story of Joseph, and a lot more in between! We’ll also touch on the reason we can have hope in the Lord, the importance of sharing the truth and not “filling in the blanks” in God’s Word. All that and more, this week, on the Sharpening Character Podcast!

CMOW Segment: Genesis

Hosted by Andrew and Ben

Some things mentioned in the show:

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Genesis 50:19-20 Phone
Genesis 50:19-20

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4 thoughts on “109: January CMOW — Genesis”

  1. Great points! I’ve only listened to about four of your podcasts so far since “discovering” you through Lenspiration emails, but I enjoy the topics and the thoughts. Speaking of that, you men really THINK. We very much need that message to be careful about repeating ideas as if they are Scripture. I also appreciated the fact that Genesis covers one-third of history in the first 50 chapters of the Bible. One-third of history in 1/66 of the books of the Bible! Then, as you mentioned Revelation, I realized that IT might cover 2,000 years also! Why do I say that? Because 1,000 years elapse in chapter 20! The discussion of Noah was particularly good. And your comments on Joseph were so refreshing that I went to the Joseph podcast and listened to that. (My comments for that are on that page.) Thanks for uplifting this grandmother while she does the housework!

    • Thank you for your kind comment! We always appreciate hearing from listeners, and we thank the Lord He is using the podcast to reach people!

  2. Full circle! I have now listened to every podcast you have published, and some a few times because your comments get me thinking and I miss a section. I have shared several with friends and my married children. My sons sometimes get an opportunity to preach, and I think you have good points to ponder. Stay humble, guys, and keep releasing episodes as long as possible.


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