093: The Tentmakers with Judge Bobby Williams

The Sharpening Character Podcast
093: The Tentmakers with Judge Bobby Williams

In this episode of the podcast, we’ve got our next installment of the Tentmaker’s interview series! Join Andrew as he sits down for a chat with Judge Bobby Williams, discussing his experience in law, how he handles himself as a believer in the court system, as well as encouragement for seeking the Lord in career. We’ve also got our ScriptureFocus segment from Romans 5:7-8, a special set of VersePics we’re unveiling this week… and did we mention we might have a special announcement? All that and more, this week, on the Sharpening Character Podcast!

Tentmaker’s Interview with Judge Bobby Williams

Hosted by Andrew


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Don’t forget our VersePic for this week!

Romans 5:7-8 Phone
Romans 5:7-8 Phone

Click or tap the image to download. For the tablet version and past VersePics, check out our VersePics page!

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