005: Sermons from Science

The Sharpening Character Podcast
The Sharpening Character Podcast
005: Sermons from Science

CMOW Segment

Hosted by Andrew

  • Matthew 9-22

Encouraging Segment

Hosted by Taylor

  • I Cor. 13:13

Equipping Segment

Hosted by Nick

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1 thought on “005: Sermons from Science”

  1. Just wanted to leave a quick comment here: I love Andrew’s points regarding the Holy Spirit speaking through us, those were excellent! I wanted to kind of take it a step further though, because I think that today, a lot of people do not see the need for studying The Word, because the HS will give them what they should say if the need ever arrises. This notion however is false. Yes the HS will give you what to say, He does bring scripture to mind when you are witnessing/counseling, but if we don’t have our minds filled with scripture (memorization and meditation), and we haven’t been studying The Word, as much as the HS would like to give you scripture to say, there isn’t any for Him to give you because you don’t have any stored in your memory! So yes, the Holy Spirit will give you what to say, but we have to be first studying and memorizing and walking with Him for that to happen! God bless guys!


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