190: Gabe Cleator on Meditation, Pt. 2

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190: Gabe Cleator on Meditation, Pt. 2

When we think about Biblical meditation, it can oftentimes feel overwhelming, and maybe even a little mysterious. But, it’s really much simpler than we often tend to make it: thinking about God’s Word slowly and carefully, and allowing Him to apply it to more then just our head, but also to our heart.

This week on the podcast, we’ve got the second half of a special interview with Gabe Cleator, a conference speaker and good friend of the show, focusing on the topic of Biblical meditation. Join us as we continue the discussion about what mediation is (and is not), and some testimonies of how mediation has impacted Gabe’s life. We’ll cover “hearing God’s voice,” and being humble, and persistent in learning from the Bible–and find out what meditation has to do with fast food and football! That’s all on this episode of the Sharpening Character Podcast!

Interview: Gabe Cleator on Meditation, Part Two

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  1. Wow! What an encouragement to help us understand how Gods word nourishes and feeds our spirt, strengthening and fortifying our relationship with our Creator, teaching us to listen and hunger more for an even deeper and closer walk, when we focus, meditate, and chew on Gods word, engrafting it into us! Allowing it to transforming us more into His likeness


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