184: Ask, Seek, and Knock

The Sharpening Character Podcast
The Sharpening Character Podcast
184: Ask, Seek, and Knock

When you hear the phrase “ask, seek, and knock,” the “Sermon on the Mount” likely comes to mind. But what about a jar of peanut butter? What on earth does an everyday food staple have to do with God’s Word? Well, perhaps more than you might think!

This week on the podcast, we’re going to be looking at one of the most well-known passages in God’s Word… but perhaps in a way you’ve never heard it examined before. Join us as we look at the instructions for finding wisdom in the Sermon on the Mount, and the example of someone God used to bring about some incredible discoveries that impact our lives on a daily basis.  That’s all on this episode of the Sharpening Character Podcast!

Encouraging Segment

Hosted by Andrew

References in this Episode

  • Matthew 7:7-8
  • Psalm 33:5-7

The July Challenge!

As we head into July, we’ll be looking at a way to put into practice one of the most foundational principles in God’s Word: learning and applying the truth. As we’re encouraged by King Solomon in the book of Proverbs, we’re going to work on “Tak[ing] fast hold of instruction” as if our lives depend on it (Proverbs 4:13), and doing so by writing things down to help us remember (Proverbs 7:3).

So, here’s our challenge for this month: Write down something you’ve learned each day this month in a notebook or journal!

Some examples:

  • Something that stood out to you in God’s Word
  • A “life lesson” from an experience during the day
  • A piece of wisdom or instruction (correction/reproof) you got from someone
  • Some new fact or information (from school, research, etc.) from the day
  • We suggest you use a pocket-sized notebook to make it easier to write down things as you get the opportunity to—research shows this actually helps our brains remember better!

Also, for the very first time, this month’s challenge comes with a contest! Head on over to our contests page to find out how you could win one of two prize packs or our grand prize, including a subscription to Log and Jotter notebooks and a Fisher Space Pen!

As always, our goal with the challenge is not to simply “check it off,” but to use it as a springboard to learn the lessons God is teaching us through the everyday. And by learn, we’re talking about actually applying them, and seeking God’s guidance for how we need to change to become more like the men He’s called us to be. We’re looking forward to learning along with you as we seek the Lord together this month!

Be sure and check out our challenges page for more information!

Don’t forget our VersePic of the Month!

Proverbs 3:3-4 Phone
Proverbs 3:3-4 Phone

Click or tap the image to download. For the tablet version and past VersePics, check out our VersePics page.

5 thoughts on “184: Ask, Seek, and Knock”

  1. This has been a fun challenge! This week I’m already more alert each day as to what God wants to show me. And writing it down reinforces it and makes it possible to go back and review.

    • Glad you’re enjoying it John, and that you’re “more alert” to those lessons! Writing things down really does help! 🙂

  2. Something God has been teaching me this week is patience, we have a tile project going on using small glass mosaic tiles, and it is very slow and tedious work. I just have to take it one step at a time, and do the job as unto the Lord. Col 3:23 “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;”
    Is Ben doing alright with those earthquakes out in California?


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