247: The Beatitudes – Salt and Light

The Sharpening Character Podcast
The Sharpening Character Podcast
247: The Beatitudes - Salt and Light

The Sermon on the Mount, and more specifically the Beatitudes, are among some of the most beloved passages in all of God’s Word. They’re Jesus’ teachings on living everyday life…and something we need to be reminded of again and again…
This week on the podcast, join Andrew as we finish off our journey through the Beatitudes with “Salt and Light.” We’ll examine these two amazing analogies, and some implications you might not have thought about before. We’ll also sum up everything we’ve discussed the past few weeks…and is that an announcement coming next week? That’s all on this episode of the Sharpening Character Podcast!

2 thoughts on “247: The Beatitudes – Salt and Light”

  1. This has been a good series. As you say at the beginning we are going through a difficult time with this proclaimed pandemic. Living in one of the most restritive states (NY) has been unhappy in some ways. But it has pointed out how many need to see that light. I have struggled with being meek when my perception of a situation is that people are taking things too far. But is my resistance interfering with my ability to be perceived as shining as a light for Jesus? Am I coming at this from a human viewpoint instead of a Christian viewpoint? Is Satan tricking me into thinking I am helping the greater good by urging me to stand up for the Bill of Rights? I had to go back into a small thrift store and apologize to a worker there for arguing with her about wearing a mask. I knew I would have no peace until I apologized. And she let me know that they were under stress. And so I apologized again, this time for adding to her stress. I had not looked at them as having feelings, too.
    I urge you to quote only the KJV. I was genuinely surprised to hear some other version: “Walk in wisdom toward them that are without, redeeming the time. Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.” Every word is inspired to be the very word God chose to convey what He was saying. “Redeeming” and “making the best use of” are quite different in connotation. You had just finished pointing out that the Lord is our Redeemer. This should have tied together the thought of redemption. We can actual rescue our time from being spent on wrong things. It takes wisdom, which we receive from God, to do that. It is a daily struggle for me! Some people are perceiving our insistence on personal freedom to choose as a lack of love! Is this making my salt lose its savor? In other words, have my actions become “unsavory” to those that I would like to hand a gospel tract to in a few minutes? Sobering thought. Thank you

    • Hey Mrs. Parfitt,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the series! It sounds like it’s been just as convicting for you as it has been for me…which, is a good thing! I’ve mentioned some of the stories in the episodes already, but I too have some stories of God changing my mind (and heart) these last weeks and months through the emergency we’ve been facing as a nation and world. If anything, I’m finding myself becoming thankful for the trials, because although difficult, I find them (or rather, God through them) bringing me to what’s *really* important: the first and second greatest commandments, summarized as love God and love people. Sharing God’s love is an incredible privilege…and one that, as you mention, is easy to let slip amidst other things. Thank you for sharing your story and thoughts!


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