These are not your average Bible verse images! Each VersePic is specially formatted to be used where you can will see it most often: smartphone lock screens, desktop wallpapers, etc. to help you memorize and meditate on God’s Word.

We offer two sizes for each verse: phone, the smaller square size designed for Smartphones, “Phablets”, and small Tablets, while the widescreen wallpapers are designed specifically for iPads, larger tablets, laptops, and desktop computers. These VersePics are a great resource, and they’re simple to use too. Just tap or click on the photo you want in a Collection, and then click the download button to save it to your device. (iOS devices may require you to press and hold the link, open a new tab, then press and hold again to save.) Then, simply set it as your lock screen on iOS, Windows, or Android devices. For more information on how to use them, and how you can make your own, go to our All about VersePics page.

VersePics being used on iPhones

(NOTE: While we have gone onto the 2K resolution standard for our VersePics, some earlier VersePics may drop below this standard.)

Due to the ever increasing size of our VersePics library, we’ve decided to split up the main gallery to promote faster loading times and easier access to the VersePics you want! There are six main Collections at the moment.

  • The first is the Master Collection. This is the original and complete collection of our library of VersePics.
  • Second we have our coreCollection. This is our collection of beautifully minimalist VersePics created with the “core” values of the VersePics in mind: Flexiblity, Versitality, Utility, and Beauty.
  • Thirdly, we have the New Testament Collection, a collection of the VersePics from the New Testament.
  • Due to the high number of VersePics from the book of John, in no small part resulting from having created a series of VersePics for the RiseUp weekly memory and meditation verses, we have decided to move the VersePics from the book of John to their own gallery, the John Collection.
  • Fifthly, we have the Old Testament Collection, a collection of all of the VersePics from the Old Testament.
  • Finally, we have the “Current Collection”, a collection that is kept “current” and up to date with the five latest VersePics. This will be continually updated every week with the newest VersePic, so stay tuned! You will find this collection at the bottom of the page.

For ease of access, our entire library of VersePics has been indexed and is searchable by Chapter, Verse, or Book in the search bar.

We would like to thank you for using these beautiful and valuable tools to help you memorize and meditate on God’s Word!


Sharpening Character’s VersePics Director