These are not your average Bible verse images! Each VersePic is specially formatted to be used where you will see it most often: smartphone lock screens, desktop wallpapers, etc. to help you memorize and meditate on God’s Word. For more information about them and how they’re organized, see the bottom of this page!

We offer two sizes for each verse: Phone–the smaller square size designed for smartphones, and Tablet–widescreen wallpapers that are designed specifically for larger tablets, laptops, and desktops. VersePics are a great resource, and are simple to use! Just click or tap on the photo you want in a Collection, and then download the file to save the VersePic to your device–for mobile devices, you may need to press and hold. Next, set it as your lock screen or wallpaper on your devices! For more information on how to use VersePics and how you can make your own, go to our All about VersePics page.

For quicker and easier access to the VersePics you want, we’ve organized our vast collection into five separate collections. Additionally, we’ve indexed our entire collection of VersePics so you can quickly the one you want by searching by a Book, Chapter, or Verse in the search bar.

  • The first of our collections is the Master Collection. This is a complete view of our vast library of VersePics.
  • Secondly, we have our coreCollection. This is a collection of beautifully minimalist VersePics.
  • Thirdly, we have the New Testament Collection.
  • Fourthly, we have the VersePics from the Old Testament Collection.
  • Finally, we have the “Current Collection” on this page, a collection that is kept “current” and up to date with the five latest VersePics.