The Weekly Podcast Encouraging and Equipping Young Men Around the World to "Stay Sharp" in Their Faith and Relationships

SC: Episode 154

When you think of the terms “wisdom” and “instruction” at the same time, what comes to mind? You may be thinking of the book of Proverbs…but did you know that those two words mean very different things in King Solomon’s Book of Wisdom?

This week on the podcast, we’re diving into the two biggest topics in the book of Proverbs…but with a twist. And, we have an equipping segment to go along with it! Join Andrew as he defines “wisdom” and “instruction” based on God’s Word, and looks at how we’re called as young men to be seeking them out–and it might surprise you that one is so important we’re to hold onto it as if our life depends on it! We’ve got some tools to help practically do it, and more. We also have our next ScriptureFocus segment looking at Advent, and even a special announcement about our Christmas Special (surprise!)! All that and more, on this episode of the Sharpening Character Podcast!

SC: Episode 141

As a young person, what should be guiding our decisions in life? Does God’s Word have anything to say about the day-to-day choices we make, and what our focus should be? This week on the podcast, we’ve got a resource to share that has some practical advise to answer those questions! Join Andrew for our equipping segment, sharing about an excellent book that’s a “serious call to examine…faith, focus, and finances.” We’ve also got a look at the life of King Josiah, some discussion of dealing with “the storms of life,” and even a new contest! All that and much more, on this episode of the Sharpening Character Podcast!