SC 141: A Tender Heart, and Charting a Course

Show notes:
As a young person, what should be guiding our decisions in life? Does God’s Word have anything to say about the day-to-day choices we make, and what our focus should be? This week on the podcast, we’ve got a resource to share that has some practical advise to answer those questions! Join Andrew for our equipping segment, sharing about an excellent book that’s a “serious call to examine…faith, focus, and finances.” We’ve also got a look at the life of King Josiah, some discussion of dealing with “the storms of life,” and even a new contest! All that and much more, on this episode of the Sharpening Character Podcast!

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Encouraging Segment: “A Tender Heart”

(Hosted by Ben)

References in this segment:

  • 2 Kings 22

Equipping Segment: “Charting a Course in Your Youth”

(Hosted by Andrew)

A few places you can get a copy of the book:

The 2018 Comment Contest!


ScriptureFocus Segment:

(Hosted by Andrew)

Passage: Psalm 46:1-3

For a listen back to the “prelude to Hurricane Irma,” check out SC: Episode 089, from September 11th, 2017…

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Psalm 40:5 Phone
Psalm 40:5 Phone

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