065: The Impossibility of Dirt & Camels

The Sharpening Character Podcast
065: The Impossibility of Dirt & Camels

This week on the podcast, we have a co-hosted show again as Andrew and Ben discuss the book of Mark in our CMOW segment for March. Topics include hardness of heart, the power of God, trusting Him in the busyness of life, and others. All that and more, on this episode of the Sharpening Character Podcast!

CMOW Segment: The Impossibility of Dirt and Camels

Hosted by Andrew and Ben

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  • Mark 4 (Parable of the Sower)
  • Mark 10:21 (The Rich Young Ruler)

Don’t Forget about our VersePic this week!

Luke 5:4-5 Phone
Luke 5:4-5 Phone

Click or tap the image to download it. For the tablet version and past week’s VersePics, check out our VersePic Collections!

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