047: 1Year of Sharpening Character

The Sharpening Character Podcast
The Sharpening Character Podcast
047: 1Year of Sharpening Character

This week on the podcast, we have a very special episode taking a look back at the Lord’s providence over this last year of Sharpening Character! We also have the announcement of our 1year contest winner, and our CMOW segment this week from Psalm 144. All that and more, on this Episode of the Sharpening Character Podcast!

CMOW Segment

Hosted by Andrew

  • Psalm 144

The 1Year Segment


  • Andrew
  • Dr. Thomas Lamar
  • Wes
  • Ben

Don’t forget our VersePic for this week!

Psalm 144:3-4
Psalm 144:3-4

Tap or click the image to download it. Find the tablet version and previous editions here!

3 thoughts on “047: 1Year of Sharpening Character”

  1. Congratulations guys!! Praise the Lord for all he has done! Thank you for putting together an awesome podcast! Hearing how all the stories connected reminded me of one of those walls you sometimes see in movies, where the character is trying to connect the dots and solve a issue using a bunch of ribbon and photos. God is on the throne weaving His master plan for our lives, and it is really neat to see how all the little pieces come together to make something like this happen!
    God bless!

  2. Very interesting! I enjoyed learning the history of all of you young men and how the podcast began. If I could have asked a question, I would have asked, “Where did you get your theme music?”

    • Hey Mrs. Parfitt,
      Actually, its a funny story about the theme music. When I was younger, just for fun, I wanted to try and put together a radio show with some friends of mine. Unfortunately, it never worked out–but a few things came out of that experience, including starting to learn audio editing, and selecting some theme music to use for that project. As you might imagine, both of those applied themselves to Sharpening Character when the time was right! 🙂 The “theme” track we use for the podcast is actually the same track I had selected for that ill-fated radio show project. It came from a royalty-free music website that I don’t believe even exists anymore. Really, looking back, you might say that the Lord was laying the foundation for the podcast as far back as 2012!


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