006: Time, Talents, & Tactics

The Sharpening Character Podcast
The Sharpening Character Podcast
006: Time, Talents, & Tactics

In this episode of The Sharpening Character Podcast we have a message from Ben for our CMOW Bible Study titled “Time and Talents”! This is a message that we feel everyone really needs to hear and apply to our lives centered around Matthew 24.

Also in the Encouraging segment, we have a second CMOW from the book of Matthew! Nick will be giving a message on “The Men that Never Followed Jesus and the Impact They Could Have Had for the Kingdom of God”. He’ll be speaking on the rich young ruler, Peter, Judas, and more!

Then we have a resource from Wes in the Equipping on a book that provides the game plan for communicating the compelling truth about Christianity with confidence and grace.

CMOW Segment

Hosted by Ben

  • Matthew 24

Encouraging Segment

Hosted by Nick

  • Main Verse: Matthew 16:24-27
  • Matthew 8:19-22
  • Matthew 19:16-22
  • Matthew 26:14-16
  • Matthew 26:69-75
  • Matthew 28:19-20

Equipping Segment: Tactics by Gregory Koukl

Hosted By Wes

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