Good Night and God Bless: Celebrating the End of an Era

Join Andrew and Ben for a celebration of what God has done in the past five years through the podcast!

226: April Review – Be Still…

There’s times where we just need to be still…and rest. And if there ever was a time for that, it’s now!

Join Andrew this week for our review episode for April, looking back at the month, some lessons learned, and our next theme for May. We’ll look again at Priorities, “Selah,” the story of Joseph, and a fascinating passage from Psalm 4. That’s all on this week’s episode of the Sharpening Character Podcast!

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225: Facing Impossible Odds – Joseph

In a world that feels as if everyone is up against “impossible odds,” where can we turn? The obvious answer is to the hope we have in the Lord, but is there some way to solidify that confidence? Some way to see what God has done before? Join Andrew this

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224: Selah

In a world that seemed all too busy before there was even a crisis, is there something we might be missing in all this? Not something else to do, but perhaps something that involves NOT doing some things? Join Andrew this week on the podcast for a look at a

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223: Priorities

As the entire world seems to press “pause” amidst the crisis at hand, we have an opportunity to take a look at what we’re doing and why. What are our priorities…and have those been lining up with what God calls us to do? Join Andrew this week on the podcast

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222: March Review – In Whatsoever State I Am

If there was ever a time where looking back at what’s happened and seeking to learn was important, it’s now. When the entire world has turned upside down, and in a matter of just a few weeks everything planned isn’t planned any longer, where can we turn? Or rather, Who

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221: Defining Moments

In a world rocked by stress, tension, and fear, how do we respond…and where do we find our identity? In the situation and crisis…or somewhere else? This week on the podcast, join Andrew as he looks at “definitions,” and making sure we have a firm footing in this time of

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220: Contagious Courage

In a world where there is so much uncertainty, and fear is spreading with a contagion greater than any virus, where can we turn for peace…and hope? This week on the podcast, Join Andrew as he shares some thoughts on dealing with fear, and where we can find peace and

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219: Steak and Loaded Baked Potatoes

While we probably all know that we “should” read God’s Word, have we ever thought about how *important* it really is to make sure we’re reading to be convicted and spurred on to grow? Could that be as important as…eating? Join Andrew this week on the podcast as he looks

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218: “Seize the Day”

Have you ever heard the term “seize the day?” It’s a saying we often use to describe living life to the fullest, and taking advantage of every opportunity we can. Did you know though that that’s actually a very Biblical concept? This week on the podcast, Join Andrew as he

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