September 2019: Witnessing to Others

This month, we are issuing a different kind of challenge—one that will likely take us out of our comfort zones! That said, the challenge is already something we’re all commanded to do: share the Gospel with others!

Here’s this month’s challenge: look for opportunities to be a witness and act on them!

It’s important to remember that witnessing for Christ is not just leading someone in the sinner’s prayer, but also sharing through our words and actions the love of God with others. Get in the habit of praying for the people you meet as you go about your everyday life. Ask God to give you a heart of love for people and a chance to share that love with them. Then, be on the lookout for opportunities God may give you to share his love!

Our goal with this challenge is to use it to build a habit of sharing God’s love because sharing what God has done in our lives is one of the most important things we can do. With that in mind, we intentionally didn’t set specific numbers or achievements to this challenge: you need to rely on God’s leading in this area! Let’s join together to share the good news of God’s love and salvation with others this month!