VersePic and R&D Director, Cohost, Web Designer

Ben wears many hats around Sharpening Character! He is responsible for the amazing creativity in our VersePics ministry, (as well as heading up ScriptureFocus), plus the majority of our website maintenance and design. He also works as our “Research and Development (R&D) Director,” researching the details of many new projects before we release them as part of the podcast.


Hails from: Western Wisconsin

Family: Fourth oldest of eight

Career interests: Web Design

Hobbies: Graphic Design, Web Design, piano, baking/cooking, technology.

Work: Gardening, Web Design

Although he accepted Christ as a young child, Ben never really grew in the Lord. He lived apart from God until God brought Ben to a point of surrender in his early teens and drew Ben closer to Himself. The Lord has now given Ben a heart and a burden to reach out to other young people to help them to grow in their faith.

Listen to our “Meet the Team” Interview with Ben in SC: Episode 044 here…