Contributor, “Show-runner”…

Andrew operates as the producer (“one stop shop” for decision making) and all-around “show-runner” (production term for the guy that does a little of everything) here at Sharpening Character. He also is behind many of the Tentmaker’s series interviews we feature each month!



Hails from: “Sometimes beautiful and always awesome Central Florida”

Family: Youngest of two

Career interests: Meteorology, Broadcasting, Mapping/Geography

Hobbies: Amateur (Ham) Radio, Running, Geocaching, Violin, Podcasting, Storm Chasing…

Work/School: Land Surveying (work)/GIS—Mapping (school)

After accepting Christ at an early age, Andrew came to a point of re-commitment for his faith at age 14. Even beyond this point, he still struggled significantly in his relationship with the Lord. At age 16, through a unique “Divine Encounter,” God got ahold of his heart and brought him to a place of further surrender. This quickly became a major theme for him to share with others: the importance of surrendering every area of your life to the Lord.

Listen to our “Meet the Team” Interview with Andrew in SC: Episode 046 here…