About Sharpening Character

The Sharpening Character Podcast traces its roots to a “group text” Bible study started back in April of 2015. Since that time, God has led us on an amazing journey for over 3 years as we have sought to “encourage and equip young men around the world to stay sharp in their faith and relationships,” first through the podcast episodes, and now additionally through our VersePics and other initiatives. It still amazes us all that God has done just in our own lives through this ministry! Our desire is that we might share Biblical truth in all that we do, and share practical ways to apply it to daily life.

Meet the Sharpening Character Team!


Producer, Co-Host, Show-runner, etc.

Andrew is the main host, audio engineer, and all-around “show runner” here at the podcast. He works on the production of most of our episodes, including creating and recording segments, as well as interviews.

Andrew originally hails from the “semi-suburban wilds” of Central Florida, but relocated to the mountains of Western North Carolina in 2019, and is the youngest of two children. He is interested in meteorology (and has a collegiate certificate in the science), radio broadcasting/voicing, and mapping/geography. He works in the mapping department of an electric co-op, and in his free time, (when not working on Sharpening Character!), he enjoys running, Geocaching, playing violin, Amateur (Ham) Radio, and storm chasing.

After accepting Christ at a young age, Andrew came to a point of re-commitment for his faith at age 14. Even beyond this point, he still struggled significantly in his relationship with the Lord. At age 16, through a unique “Divine Encounter,” God got ahold of his heart and brought him to a place of further surrender. This quickly became something for him to share with others: the importance of surrendering every area of your life to the Lord. As time has gone on, “learning the lessons of everyday life” has also become a major theme in his life. He  has a heart for encouraging young men in their walk with the Lord through the podcast, and one-on-one relationships.


VersePic Director Co-Host, Web Designer

Ben wears many hats around Sharpening Character! He is responsible for the amazing creativity in our VersePics ministry, plus the majority of our website maintenance and design. He also works as our “Research and Development (R&D) Director,” researching the details of many new projects before we release them as part of the podcast.

Ben hails from the farmlands of Western Wisconsin and is the fourth oldest of eight children. He is interested in cooking, Graphic and Web Design, singing, piano, and other arty/tech stuff. He works as a gardener and is working on his Pastoral Degree at West Coast Baptist College.

Although he accepted Christ as a young child, Ben never grew in the Lord. He lived apart from God until the Lord brought him to a point of surrender in his early teens and drew Ben closer to Himself. The Lord has now given Ben a heart and a burden to reach out to other young people to help them to grow in their faith.

For more information about Andrew and Ben, listen to our final podcast episode!

We'd like to thank...

  • Our Parents, for allowing us to do this project and for all of their support.
  • Dr. Thomas Lamar (Producer of SpinalColumnRadio, Christian Heritage OnAir, and many others), for providing loads of encouragement, suggestions, and our awesome voiceovers.
  • Sonny and Sandy Portacio (Producers of the Podcacher podcast), for giving us several fantastic tips and suggestions.
  • Taylor, for his contribution to our original artwork.
  • Nick, for the original design and management of our website, his contribution to our artwork, and all his help during the first 5 months of Sharpening Character. We greatly appreciate the time and energy he put forth during that period!
  • Ben, for all the time and effort he has poured in to the VersePics branch of Sharpening Character.
  • Everyone who helped us with feedback and suggestions during our initial releases-the podcast wouldn’t be the same without you!